“Soundwriting in the FYW classroom” (Podcast s01e10)

Ames and Trauman are BACK! After a hiatus caused by the perfect storm of health issues, an unsustainable production schedule, and amazing professional opportunities, Ames and Trauman return to end Season 1 with the first of three episodes. Episode 10 brings the long-ago promised discussion of our collaboratively created and co-taught soundwriting classes.  After a pretty quick explanation of what we did, we focus our conversation on what we got out of the experience, and what we believe the students got out of the experience.
In the second part of the episode, Ames and Trauman each choose and offer for your listening pleasure one of our favorite student-created podcast segments. We had a devil of a time choosing, and could have filled hours of MoT with student work—much of which is AMAZING. But we’ve gone with these examples because they illustrate well some of the affordances of sound, and each makes clear the ways that soundwriting expands our understanding of how and when storytelling can inform and be, in and of itself, scholarly work.

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