“Ames’s Amazing Austrian Audio Adventure!” (Podcast s01e11)

How’s that for some alliteration. In this episode, one recorded and produced in its entirety in Austria, Ames tells of her experience as an invited speaker and faculty member at the Graz International Summer School, a two-week intensive educational experience organized by the University of Graz that takes place at a Seggau Castle, about forty minutes South of Graz. Ames frames discussion of her visit through the three audio texts she produced following workshops with three different cohorts: 1) a group of nine students at the University of Graz in conjunction with writing center programming; 2) the complete student body of 74 students at the Graz International Summer School 2016; 3) a graduate student praxis seminar at the summer school comprised of all the Ph.D. students in attendance.

Ames recommends, if you’re so inclined, to re-listen (or perhaps first listen), to Episode 7.
There, we feature the process involved in producing the Columbia Weekend MicroCAST. And Ames presents a vox pop piece she produced following recording at the 10th Biennial Feminisms and Rhetorics Conference in Tempe, AZ, October 2015. It was the making of “Vox Fabri; Vox Dea,” that directly led to Ames’s invitation to come to Austria. Episode 11 builds upon the knowledge created in Episode 7, extending the scholarly exploration of the affordances and limits of and for the vox pop form.

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