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One thought on “Masters of Text News

  1. Greetings,

    My name is Matthew van Roden, I am a fan of the show, currently living in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. Masters of Text has been such a breath of fresh air for me; thank you. I have sent an audio message, promising to share my latest exhibition with you. I hope you get to hear that message, and that it might lead you to look at particularly

    There I have recreated my exhibition from digital fragments. It is absolutely, for me, and an alt-alphabetical, and an alphabetical, and other kinds of text. I feel that the ‘and’ is queer and the text is likewise queer; that there might not be much queerer than the text.

    My masters is considered practice-based research, however, the notion of ‘creative-critical-scholarship’ has resonated in a deep way with how I feel about my practice, so thank you. I have been enjoying Masters of Text so much. Please keep making! I feel often in my more or less ‘remote’ location that I am the queer diaspora of ‘anywhere but here’. I shall look forward to more episodes, explorations, and the vulnerable scholarship that you are producing which has given me so much hope of conversations (texts) that are yet and endlessly unfinished.



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